“The rich man died and was buried:  and in Hell he lifted up his eyes,
     being in torments and saw Abraham … and he cried out and said,
     Father Abraham,  …. send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger
     in water, and cool my tongue;  for I am tormented in this flame,”
                                                                                      Luke 16:22-24
 {Please note – I did not take this walk physically.   I took it in the imagi-`
   nation of my mind’s eye, based upon some of what I understand that the
   Bible teaches about the very real place called Hell.}
     Recently,  my wife and I spent a few nights camping in a cabin in
the mountains of the western USA.  After supper,  I decided to take a walk
while my wife rested.   I walked down the road from the cabin, on this road
on which I had never been,  into a deep valley.  Soon I came to a road that
turned sharply to the right.  I decided to take it. It led deeper into the valley.
As I walked on, it looked to me like the road led directly into the base of a
tall mountain.   Do you know what?  It did!  Soon I saw the mouth of a
tunnel,  where the road ended.  As I walked closer,  I saw two huge gates
across the mouth of this tunnel.  The gates were made of  iron and they
had a  huge lock holding them together.  I thot, wow, What is this?  As I
moved closer,  I saw a large sign on the rocks above those gates.  I was
amazed to read what this sign said!!  Four words in large capital letters –
THE GATES OF HELL!   I knew Jesus spoke of them in Matthew 16:18:
but I had never thought I would see them.   What would you do?
      As I turned to rush away, I said, Lord, what is the meaning of this?
Before He could answer me,  I heard a voice behind me calling my name
from inside those gates.  Yes, it was my name, called two times!  I
stopped, turned around, and said, “Who are you?  What do you want?”
The voice said, “Would you like to take a walk with me in Hell tonight?”
I didn’t know what to say.  What would you have said?   I prayed,  “Lord,
What should I do?”  His voice within me said, “Do it.”   As I walked
toward those gates, the lock unlocked and the gates opened inwardly,
by themselves.  I stepped inside.  The gates closed behind me.
    Inside of the gates it was much darker.  I looked around trying to see
who it was who had spoken to me.    I heard the voice again asking me,
“Are you ready to go for a walk in Hell?”  As I looked to my left, I saw a
man standing there in a white robe.  I asked again, “Who are you?”  He
answered, “I am a ministering spirit sent forth by the Lord to minister for
those who shall be heirs of salvation.”  I knew the verse in Hebrews 1
and that it was referring to the Lord’s holy angels.  I asked, “Are you an
angel?”  He answered,  “Yes.”   “Are you Gabriel, God’s messenger
angel?”  He said, “Yes, shall we go?”  He stepped beside me, took a
firm hold on my left upper arm with his right hand and off we went.  I
was certainly glad he had a firm hold of my arm!  After only a few steps
we went into what I would call a controlled free fall.  Down, down, down,
down we moved very rapidly.  It was totally dark now!  I noticed as we
went down, a sound or noise was becoming louder and louder.  It
sounded like human voices shouting and even wailing.  Finally we came
to a large door.  Gabriel opened it and ushered me inside.  This door
opened on to a balcony overlooking an immensely huge room.  It was
actually a pit, that extended as far as I could see, in both directions
and way, way off in the distance straight ahead of us.  The balcony
on which we stood, extended in both directions as far as I could see.
     Flames and smoke were coming up from the pit.  And I saw 1000’s
and 1,000’s  and 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people, in grayish-brown garments,
crammed together down in this pit.  They were mourning, wailing,
crying out in agony, a loud, deafening cry.  It was an awful sound.  It
made my ears hurt and sent chills throughout my whole body.
     I thought I knew, but asked Gabriel anyway.  “Is this the pit of
Hell and who are all of thee people?”  His answer was clear and
very sobering.  “Yes, this is the pit of Hell, which the Bible speaks
about.  All of these people are the people from every nation, tribe
or ethnic group, who have ever lived and died, in Old Testament
times or the Church Age.   All of these people refused to believe
God’s revelation about the coming promised Messiah or to trust
Jesus Christ alone as their personal Savior.  This multitude of
souls, confined here until the Great White Throne Judgement,
make up the vast majority of those who have ever lived on the earth!”
Just the thought of his words made me weep!
     It was just then that I noticed a horrible smell, more putrid
than anything I had ever smelled.  I could think of no other smell

like it.  This strong odor, right away,made my eyes water and my
nose run.  My head was already starting to ache due to the loud-
ness of the voices crying out in torment.   I asked Gabriel,  “What
is this awful smell.”   He said,  “It burning brimestone (sulfur) coming
up from the floor of the pit.
At about this same time I noticed the intense heat of the fire
coming up from the pit.  It felt like my arms and legs were burning,
like when you get too close to a hot bonfire and want to get away
very quickly to keep from getting burned.   I remembered that Jesus
had spoken of “fire in hell that would never be quenched,”  (Mark 9:45).
The heat made the sweat to just run down my face.   I could
see very quickly why these people were in torment, suffering and
crying out in agony.
At about the same time, I noticed  bodies falling down out of
the ceiling of the pit into the crowd of people already there.   They
were wearing gray-brown garments also.   I asked Gabriel,  “Who
are these just falling into the pit?”   He said, “These are the souls,
now in spirit bodies,  who have just died on earth,  who have not
trusted Christ as their own personal Savior.   As soon as they die
their souls are sent here to await  judgment for their sin of unbelief.”
I thought what a horrible way and time to believe in the reality of
Hell –  when one is there as an unbeliever and there is no further
opportunity to trust Christ as Savior and be saved!!!

     I said to Gabriel,  “Can we get out of here?   I have seen enough
and am feeling sick and weak?”   He said, “No, there is more for
you to see.   Look over there by the balcony.   See that man with
the white hair and long beard? ”   I nodded, I saw him.   “That is
Cain, Adam’s son.  He was one of the first to die and be sent here,
several thousand years ago.    And look right in from of us  about
20 people in.   Do you see that man with his arms stretching up?”
I nodded.   That is the rich man in the account of Lazarus and the
rich man,  which Jesus told about in Luke 16.   He is  the one who
cried out to Abraham “send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his
finger in water,  and cool my tongue;  for I am tormented in this
flame.”   He has been here about 2,000 years and is still tormented
in the flame.”    Gabriel said,  “Let me show you one more.   Look
over to the right,  below the balcony.  See the man with very black
hair and beard?”  I nodded.  “Do you know who that is?’  I said, “No.”
That is Judas Iscariot,  the man who betrayed Jesus.”  These were
real people, Bible characters,  confined to the pit of Hell.
       I started looking more closely at the faces of the people in the
pit.  Most of them were too far away to see clearly.  Most of them
I did not recognize.  But some of them I did recognize.  This was
the most sobering and sad moment of my walk thus far!!  Some of
them I had just seen on television and did not know personally.
But, some of them I knew personally, before they died,  and they
knew me!


     Some of the people which I saw there in the pit, who I knew
from seeing them on television,  included a  well known, popular
talented,  professional athlete;  an award winning movie star;  a
very talented  television TV personality;  a gifted musician;  a priest;
a well-known politician,  a former president,  a gay person,  a con-
victed murderer,   a drug addict,  a homeless man,  an outspoken
evolutionist;  an atheist and  a man who was the leader of a cult.
       However,  seeing people who had died in the past, who I knew
personally and who knew me,  affected  me even more.    I saw a
man from our area who was a well-liked businessman in the com-
munity, who had helped a lot of people;  a ‘religious’-every Sunday
church goer;   a person who was known in our area as a lying-thief,
who had hurt many people in his desire to get rich or  get even with
someone.    I’ll mention just two more people, in torment there in
that fiery pit,  that I knew.  These two hurt my heart even more!
One was a former pastor in the area.   He preached  from the
Bible,  but did not know Jesus as his own personal Saviour.   And I
saw one of my own relatives,  with whom I had shared Jesus a few
times.   Amazingly, this relative saw me,  tried to move over  to
where I was standing on the balcony, and shouted up to me.   He
pleaded to me saying,  “Is there any way you can get me out of
this horrible place?”   I sadly shook my head and said,  weeping
at the reality of the thought,  “No.”    His last words to me  were,
“Oh I wish I had believed you about my need to be saved and had
trusted Jesus as my Saviour, but now it’s too late.”   Wow, what
can you say to that statement of grief?  It tugged at the very roots
of my soul!!
      I said to Gabriel,  “Please,  can we go now.   I feel so sad and
sick.”   He said,  “No,  there are four more things,  which you need
to see.”    He led me to the left along the balcony,  above the pit.
Soon, he stopped and  pointed to  a huge room off to the side of the
pit.   He  said, “Look in there.”   I looked into a  very dark room.
My eyes finally adjusted enough to see  1,000’s and 1,000’s more
beings in black robes,  all chained to the floor  of that room.   I
could not hear them shouting out in torment  like the multitudes
of people in the pit.   I asked,  “Who are they?”   He told me, “These
are wicked angels, who lived in Noah’s day,  who kept not their first
estate, but took wives among human women.   They were sent here,
confined in darkness and chains,  awaiting the day of judgment.” I
knew the Bible told of this in Jude 1:6  and thought,  how true the
Word of God is in speaking about events to yet take place!  They
will all happen in God’s perfect time!!
     As we walked on, I could still see bodies of people, falling into
the pit, who had just died, who had refused to trust the Lord Jesus as
Saviour.   These people were experiencing for the first time and believ-
ing  in the horrible reality of Hell.   Then Gabriel said, “Look up there
near the ceiling of the pit.”   I saw numerous beings with wings, in
white robes,  hovering over the pit.   I remembered  Revelations 14:10,
which speaks of people being “tormented with fire ….in the presence
the holy angels,  and in the presence of the Lamb.”   “Gabriel,  are
these some of God’s holy angels, that watch over the pit of Hell?”
He answered,  “Yes.”   As I looked up and around,  I saw many of
them.   I wondered,  can the ones suffering in the pit see them also?
      Gabriel led me on along the balcony.   I still felt the intense heat,
smelled the horrible smell,  heard the deafening cry of 1,000’s of voices
and noticed the smoke of their torment,  coming up from the pit.
      Suddenly,  we came to the end of the pit.  Gabriel said,  “Look
down there.”   I looked down into a huge hole,  stretching as far as
my eyes could see.    It was filled with what appeared to be white-
orange swirling lava.  The heat coming from this lava was even more
intense than the heat from the pit.   It was unbearable, to say the
least!!!  I asked in horror,  “Is this the Lake of Fire, which the Bible
talks about?”   “It is,”  he answered,  “It’s the place where the devil,
the false prophet, the beast  and all these people, who you see here
in the pit, will be confined for ever and ever at the Great White Throne
Judgment.   They will have no rest from the torment day and night.”
I knew the verse which said this was Revelation 20:15.   I literally
collapsed to my knees at the horrible magnitude of this thought!!
      We turned around and headed back.  Gabriel actually half
carried and half drug me back along the balcony above the pit.
In all of my life, I had never felt so sad, sick and sapped out!!
      About half of the way back to the door, where we entered into the
pit,  Gabriel stopped abruptly and said to me,  “You need to look up
there.”   I looked up toward the ceiling of the pit and saw the angels,
which I had seen before.   And then, in  my awestruck amazement,
I saw in the midst of the angels,   a Lamb standing, as if He had
been slain.    I said,  “Gabriel,  is this the Lord Jesus Christ my
Saviour,  who died to pay the penalty for my sin,  standing there?”
Again,  I remembered Revelation 14:10 and Psalm 139:7,8.   He
nodded and said,  “Yes. it is.”
     I fell to my knees and bowed there on the balcony and worshiped
Him,  saying,  “Worthy are You O Lord to receive power,  and riches,
and wisdom, and strength,  and honor, and glory, and blessing,  for
You have created all things and for Your pleasure they are and were
created.”   It was an impressively, awesome moment!!   As Gabriel
lifted me to my feet and we started to go on,  I looked up and said
to the Lamb of God,  “Thank You!”
      As we moved swiftly along the balcony toward the door through
which we had entered the pit,  I took one last look down into the
pit of Hell.   I thought,  if only people alive up on the earth could see
what I have seen,  could smell what I have just smelt,  and could
feel what I have just felt,  they would flee from the wrath of God to
come to the cross of Christ, in a heartbeat,  and trust The Lord Jesus
as Saviour.
     When we reached the door,  Gabriel opened it and closed it after
we stepped through it.   He was still holding my arm.   Up, up, up
we went!   As we moved upward, the sound of those voices ceased,
I could no longer notice the smell or feel the heat.  It was actually
cool.   What a relief!  Soon,  we were again just inside ‘The Gates
of Hell’,  where I had met Gabriel.  I looked at him and said, “Thank
you.”   His last words to me were,  “You have Come and Seen the
place called Hell.   Now GO and TELL  every one what you have
seen, felt and smelt.”   I said,    “I will.”
     The gates opened in front of me by themselves.   I walked
through them to the outside.   I turned to take a last look at Gab-
riel,  but he was gone.   The gates closed behind me by themselves
and the lock automatically locked.   The moon was shining very
brightly.  I took a few steps on the road,  moved to the side of the
road and literally fell into the grass along side of the road.  I was
totally exhausted,  soaked to the skin with sweat.
      Within a couple minutes I began to sing to the Lord.    Some of
the songs were – Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved
a man like me;   Thank You Lord for saving my soul  ….  for giving
to me Thy great salvation;   Wounded for me, there on the cross
You were wounded for me;   We’re saved, saved to tell others of
the Christ of Calvary;  Rescue the Perishing  and  some others.
What  a special time  of worship there for me!!!
      And then it happened.   My cell phone rang.   I dug into my
sweat soaked pocket and pulled it out.  It was still warm from
the heat of the walk.     I answered the call.   It was my wife.
In her very stern, but concerned voice she loudly asked,  “Where
are you?  I have tried to reach you six times, but got no answer.”
My reply,  “You will never believe where I have been!!  There is no
cell phone service there, either in or out.   You will never believe
me.   I’m on my way back to the cabin.   I’ll  tell you all about it.  Is
that okay?”   “Alright,”  she said, “But it better be good!”   “One
more thing,”   I asked her,  “Please have a bowl of ice cream ready
for me.”    “Hurry up,”  she said, “Do you know what time it is?”
      When her call ended, it was all that I could do to struggle to
my feet and start  walking up the road toward the cabin.   The stars
were shining brightly in the sky above,  clearly declaring the glory
of God.   I walked slowly up that road,  a man immensely impacted
by the walk just taken.   I was determined,  more than ever, to
“Know Christ”  (to love  and worship Him) and to “Make Him Known”
to  every one; to other believers and to  those possibly unsaved
and on their way to the pit of Hell.
1.  Many people today deny that Hell is a real place.   Many people
     believe there is such a place.   Denying that Hell is real does not
     mean it does not exist.  Affirming that it is real does not mean
     that the place exists.   The Word of God teaches that it is a real
     place.   This is what affirms that there is a real place called Hell.
     Many Bible references teach it’s reality.  Examples – Mark 9:42ff,
     Luke 16:19-31,  Psalm 9:17,  many verses in Ezekiel 31 & 32,
     & many verses in Revelations,  examples – 1:18, 14:9-11, 20:15.
 2. There is no indication in the Bible that an angel ever took (or will
     ever take) a person on such  walk in Hell.  Angels did take some
     Bible characters to show them things, but not on a walk like I
     told about taking.  I wrote about this walk to teach truths about
     Hell in a different and hopefully attention-grabbing way.
 3. The Bible teaches that God has placed in the heart of every person
     an awareness of life after death.   Ecclestiastes 3:11 states that
     God “has set the world in their (men’s) heart.”   This means each
     person has an awareness in him/her that there is life after death,
     even though he/she may deny it.
 4. The Bible teaches that Hell is a place of torment where people
     are sent, after they die,  who refuse trust in Christ as Saviour
     and continue in their sin of unbelief.  (John 3:18 & 36)
 5. The Bible teaches that all men are sinners (Rom. 3:23) and
     are separated from God because  of their sin (Isaiah 59:2).
 6. The good news of the Gospel of Christ is that “Christ died for
     our sins (to pay the penalty for them),  that He was buried and
     that He arose from the dead,”  I Cor.  15:3,4. (GOOD NEWS)
 7. What must a person do to be saved from paying the penalty
     (which is being sent to Hell) for his sins?  “Believe on the Lord
     Jesus Christ and you will be saved,”  Acts 16:30,31.  This
     includes repenting (turning from sin) Mark 1:15  and confessing
     Jesus as Lord – Romans 10:9 & 13.
      ??  Have YOU personally admitted to the Lord that you are
      a sinner and trusted Christ alone to save YOU??  {yes or no}
  9. If your answer is “NO”,  remember “today is the day of salva-
      tion,”  II Cor. 6:2b.   Tomorrow may be too late!  You do not
      know for sure if you will be alive tomorrow!!   {Do It today}
      (Please understand,  I am being so straight on blunt with
       you out of a genuine concern for your eternal soul, that you
       do not have to spend eternity in Hell!)   Of course, the choice
      is yours -to trust Him and receive the gift of eternal life with Him
      in Heaven OR reject His free gift and be sent to Hell forever.
      Look up in your Bible John 3:16,18, & 36.   Think seriously
      about the GOOD NEWS &  the BAD NEWS  which is stated!!
      (For a fuller explanation of this go to my website which is   Find the article entitled – Some
      Good News & Some Really Bad News For You. Please read it!
 10. If your  answer is “YES”,   “Examine yourself, whether you are
     in the faith (a true believer in Christ),  and prove yourself,”
      II Cor. 13:5a.   Why do I give you this verse?   Because Jesus
      said,  “By their fruits (lives and words) you shall know them
      (the true believer or the fake).  Not every one who says to Me,
      Lord, Lord (who makes a profession to trust Christ as Saviour)
      shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven;  but he that does the will
      of My Father Who is in Heaven,”  Matthew 7:20,21.   In your
      life are there evidences that you have trusted Him to save you?
      Is anything different since you professed Jesus as Saviour?
      Read & ponder II Cor. 5:17!!  Some signs of spiritual life (that
      you are truly saved, a believer in Christ)  are a desire to know
      more about Christ through Bible reading;  a desire to obey
      and please Him;  a desire to help and be with other believers
      in Him as Saviour;  and a desire to share the Good News of the
      Gospel with others who might not be saved, so that they could
      have the hope of Heaven and the Lord with them in this life.
      ** A person can know about Jesus, His death & resurrection,
      have a head knowledge about Him and be in a church every
      Sunday and be active in doing “Christian ” things and still be
      unsaved,  like the disciple Judas Iscariot.    There is a real
      difference between and ‘head’ knowledge of Jesus and a real
     ‘ heart touching’ knowledge of Him that moves one’s whole being
      to obey His Word, serve Him,  and worship Him.  Is your know-
      ledge of Him (relationship to/with Him) a ‘head’ or a’ ‘heart’ thing?
 11. One more thot and I’m done!  If your answer to the question is
     “YES”,  are you actively seeking to share the Good News of the
      Gospel with others,  who might be unsaved and headed for Hell?
      You can share it by your  life,  by your lips, and by literature
      (using Gospel tracts or websites).   Could you give a clear  presen-
      tation of the Gospel to some one, so that they could understand
      what they need to do to be saved?   Is your life one of integrity?
      Is your speech clean or full of foul words which the world uses?
      Share this article above -“An Evening Walk In Hell” either by
      pointing a person to the website address or by making copies
      of it to hand out to people.  (Three rhymer words –  Prayer.  Pre-
      pare & Share,  just DOIT  daily)  Trust he Lord to use you in
      changing a person’s Hell-bound course to a Heaven-bound one!!
                   Don Applegate – John 3;16

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