The writers of the Books in the Word of God were given much to say about it!!
Note several facts about the Word (much more could be said)

  1.  The Finished Product   *II Tim. 3:16
    (“God Breathed” out) = inspiration
  2. The Process by Which the Word was given – *II Pet. 1:19-21, (Gen. 1:2)
    I Cor. 2:9-13                                                                   “moved
  3. The Varied Profits (Values) of the Word – *II Tim. 3:15-17
    (list them -5)
  4. The POWER of the Word – *Heb. 4:12, Jer. 23:29
    I Thess. 2:13c
  5. The Place (Position) of the Word in Relation to God’s Name – Psalm 138:2b
  6. The Purity of the Word – Ps. 12:6, 18:30, Prov. 30:5
    (Purity w/truth – John 17:17) *
  7. The Preservation of the Word – Ps. 12:7, Isa. 40-8, Matt. 24:35, 5:17,18
  8. Prohibitions About Adding to or Deleting from the Word
    Prov. 30:6,  Rev. 22:1
  9. The Precious Treasure of the Word – Ps. 19:10
    (dig, search diligently for its treasures)
  10. The Promises of the Word – (Re the Word) – Ps. 19:11, Lk. 11:28,
    Ps. 119:165, Isa. 55:10,11
  11. Pronouncements (Commands) to us from the Word About the Word
    Jas. 1:22, Ps. 119:4, II Tim. 2:15, Job 22:21,22, I Pet. 2:1-2, Matt. 4:4
  12. Probing ?s about your attitude & action in/with the Word
    Do you really love it, seek to learn it & live it?  – like Job  23:12b,
    like Psalmist (many verses) 119:97
    How often do you read, study, meditate on it?
    Habitize daily time with the Book, taking, in it, a Look)    DO IT!!!!

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