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3  KINDS OF MEN Bible text: I Corinthians 2:14-3:4 #I  Corinthians was written to believers in Christ in Corinth by the Apostle Paul to address vari- ous problems in that early church.  (@56 A.D.) #Note the 3 kinds men/women Paul talks about in this passage.  (Like 3 kinds of apples) THE NATURAL MAN – 2:14 […]

Who Was Jabez? Learn From Him!

Read I Chronicles 4:9.10 & 2:55 Note 3 truths we can learn about him and some practical applications for our lives, from his life. I). The Person & Past of Jabez – a. The context tells us he was of the tribe of Judah (no mention is made of his family) b. He was more […]


PICTURES OF A GENUINE ENCOURAGER (As seen in the life of Barnabas in Acts) (His name means “Son of Encouragement) ##Note 4 Pictures of Barnabas the ‘Encourager’ – As an Encourager to the early church in Jerusalem – Acts 4:36,37  /  his character = Acts 11:24 – example of a generous giver – II Cor. […]