AS SEEN IN PHILIP/  Text – Acts 6:3-5, 8:26-40

1).  A true believer in Christ – (one of the brethren)  6:3

2). Honest man of good reputation – 6:3

3).  Filled with the Holy Spirit – 6:3

4).  Full of wisdom – 6:3, Prov. 9:10  (a degree of maturity)

5).  Busy serving the Lord when called to the Gaza Road – 8:5,6

6).  Obedient to the heavenly calling to another location (assignment) –

      8:26,27/  He didn’t say, “Lord I’m busy here, look what’s happening”.

7).  Sensitive to & obedient to the Spirit’s leading – 8:29,30a

8).  Bold in light of a possible fearful situation (1 man vs a caravan) – 28,30

9).  Went without delay (he ran) – 8:30   {probably prayed all the time}

10). He took the initiative, spoke first – 8:30

11). Had a sense that God had prepared the man’s heart – 8:32,33

12). Knew the Word well enough to begin at the point of the man’s

       understanding & shared the Gospel – 8:35

13). Gave a clear explanation  so that the man (with Spirit’s help

        understood enough to believe in Christ – 8:36,37

14). Taught the man regarding believer’s baptism – 8:36-38, 2:38,41

##  Not a trait but a promise to believers/  He was caught away to Azotus – 8:39,40

               I Thess. 4:16,17


?1).  Are you a true believer?

?2).  Are these character traits developing or observable in your life?

?3).  How are you growing to be more useful in serving the Lord:  (DO IT!)

                                                     (DRA John 3:16)

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