“We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ (JSC);
                    that everyone may receive the things done in his/her body,
                    according to that he hath done,….good or bad.”  II Cor.5:10

**Note 10 questions to ask and answer about this important Bible Teaching!!
          1.)  What Bible references give insight into this JSC, also called ‘The Bema’ (Greek)?
II Cor.5:10, I Cor. 3:13-15, Rom. 14:10-13, I Pet. 4:17, Eccl. 12:13,14
2).  What is the background and meaning of the term “Bema”? – an actual place in many
ancient cities (example-Corinth)/ a raised platform where the judge sat, from which
he would hear pleas and deliver sentences and award “Olympic” prizes to winners
{Note also – Matt. 27:19 & Acts 18:12  &  Rev. 4:2 & ff}
3.)  Who will be The Judge at the JSC? ___________/  John 5:22, 2:25, Prov. 5:21,22
(What else do you know about this Judge? __________________________)
4.)  Who will appear before the JSC?  II Cor. 1:1 w/5:10, Rom. 1:7 w/14:12
-all true believers in Christ from Pentecost until the Rapture of the Church
5.)  What is the Purpose of this appearance of believers before the Lord Jesus?
-to give an account of their lives (Rom. 14:10) & for Him to give rewards (I Cor. 3:14)
6.)  What is the “Basis” of the judgement?  * I Cor. 3:13-15* /  Not to check if one is truly
born again (saved) but evaluate the “sort” of works a believer has lived out
7.)  What will be the RESULT of the Judgment Sent of Christ?  –  each believer will receive
Reward(s) or suffer loss (shame)  (I Cor. 3:13-15) // possibly both?
8.)  What is the nature of the Rewards given?  –  places of service Rev. 22:3, Mt. 25:21-23:
One or more of the possible crowns named in Scripture – (list them on back of this sheet)
Crown References – i Thess. 2:19, I Cor. 9:25, Jas. 1:12, II Tim. 4:8, I Pet. 5:4
* {Bonus Crown thots in Isaiah 28:5 and Rev. 4:10!!  State the 2 truths taught}
9.)  When will the Judgment Seat of Christ occur?  Date_____________?
Mt. 16:27, Lk. 14;14, I Jn. 2:28, Rev. 4:1,2 __________________________________
10.)  How MUST YOU prepare to stand before The Lord Jesus at the Judgment Seat????
A.  Salvation check – Have you trusted Him alone as Savior?  Yes___ No___ or ??___
{Rom. 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-13  W/ Acts 4:12}/  Can others tell you are saved?
B.  Daily Scripture study (II Tim. 2:15) & Obediance to it (I Jn. 2:28)/ Service for Him
C.  Hourly Confess (I Jn. 1:9) & Forsake (Prov. 28:13) known sin    (I Jn. 3:3)
D.  Momently anticipate Christ’s coming – Matt. 26:41, Rev. 22:12, Lk. 12:40
E.  Diligently Reach Out to others to help them be prepared!!    How??
???? How would the Lord Jesus rate YOUR Preparedness??  Ready or not Ready
???? What action should be taking to Prepare???    {{{ DO IT! }}

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