Read & Think upon Matthew 11:28-30

Note 3 Commands, from the Lord Jesus, to Obey with the Promise of Rest (Help):

     1.)  Seek (Come to) Me – first (for Salvation, then Rest (often)

     2.)  Serve (yoke up) with me

     3.)  Study (Learn) about me


 “Come unto me,” the Savior cried,

“And I will give you rest.”

From all your weary trials come

And take God’s very best.

 When all your labors are complete,,

And you have done your best,

Just go to Jesus as you are,

And He will give you rest.

 He welcomes every tribe and tongue

With one inclusive “all;”

“Come unto me” can still be heard

In His sweet loving call.

 “Come unto me,” and take the yoke

In service for the King;

The yoke is easy, the burden light,

And will rejoicing bring.

For every ailment of the soul,

No matter who you be,

The Lord will give you peace and rest,

If you will heed His plea.  

“What shall I do,” the weary cry,

“To have life’s very best?”

“Come unto me,” the Savior cries,

“And I will give you rest.”

……..Arthur J. Stairs


Ponder this Poem and Just DO IT !!





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