(The Story – Parable of Lazarus & the Rich Man    Luke 16:19-31

  I.)  The Setting  –  Jesus teaching on various topics (Lk 16) The Responses – open ears, amazement, criticism

 II.)  The Story – Parable  (outlined) – (read the verses – ponder them)

       A.)  2 Men, 2 Lifestyles, 2 Destinies (16:19-23)

       B.)  Dialogues from Hell (the huge pit deep in the earth)

              between the Rich man & Abraham  (3 of them – 1 plea for mercy, 2 for lost brothers)

III.)   The Significance (Life Applications, Doctrinal Truths) from Jesus’ words

        A.)  It gives a real and relevant picture of life after death, ie Heaven & Hell

        B.)  Much is happening in the unseen world of deceased men, angels, God (Jn 5:17)

        C.)  There is life after death/ different destines of believers & unbelievers/ vs 23

               Hell  –  pit where unsaved are held    Abraham’s bosom = Presence of God, Heaven

        D.)  Angels transport spirits of saved to God’s presence at time of death (vs 22)

        E.)  After death, people have some type of recognizable spirit bodies./ (Heb 1:14)

               which await Resurrection (of the evil or the just) Dan 12:2, John 5:25-29

        F.)  Unbelievers in Hell are in ‘Torment’ (vs 23,24,25,28/ Mk 9:43-48

        G.) Believers in Abraham’s Bosom, Heaven are ‘Comforted’ (vs 25)  / II Cor. 5:6-8

        H.)  Memories (of life on earth) fond and bad) will linger after death – vs 25 (Remember)

        I.)   There is a Great (Uncrossable) Gulf between the 2 places

               (People in both places can see and hear across this gulf)  vs 26

        J.)  People in Hell can not return to earth to tell living people about Hell (vs26)  (Heb 9:27)

        K.)  vs 29-31    Christ did rise from the dead (I Cor. 15:20) and told men about life & death and how to be saved (Mk 1:15)

  *     L.)  Change of Location teaching for believers before the cross, at the time of HIS Resurrection, transported to Heaven.   (Eph 4:8-10  (with II Cor. 5:6,8)

        M.)  Life Application Questions for you!

               1.)  Are you a believer in Christ alone for your Salvation?    Yes _____  No ______

               2.)  If yes, is there evidence in your walk & talk to show salvation is real?

               3.)  Are you an active witness (by life & lip) of your faith in Christ, sharing

                     the Good News of the Gospel  (I Cor. 15:3-4) with others?

               The Romans Road to faith in Christ (Book of Romans) – 3:10,23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9,10,13, 12:1,2

                      (memorize, believe, share)  Be encouraged by Hebrews 13:5,6

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