HALLOWEEN: What Satan & Witches will not tell you!!!!

1.  HISTORICAL LIGHT on its Origin & Popularity

– from the Celts (of Great Britain, Ireland, n. France) about O A. D. (An ethnic group)  They observed a new year’s eve festival of Samhain (maybe Satan himself), the lord of the dead

– 10/31 was their new year’s eve;  this festival celebrated the start-up of winter’s gloom.

– practices observed that night emphasized death,  some practices were:  their priests (Called Druids) had bonfires (bonefires) to appease evil spirits at which they offered up crop, animal and human sacrifices to Samhain.  They believed    Samhain had power to release some or all spirits of dead people (on this one night of the year) to come back to their homes and roam about.)  These spirits were in animal bodies.  People still alive wore animal costumes so to blend in   with these spirits and for protection.  People begged food from house to house to feed the souls of these returning spirits.  It was a night of great fear and terror for everyone.  Samhain was honored and worshiped.

– The Romans added to this a festival that honored the dead & about 800 A.D. the Roman Catholic Church established All-Saints-Day on 11/1.  It was a blend of pagan & church items.

– Occult (meaning ‘hidden’) and witchcraft practices were part of this almost from the start.

– U.S. founding fathers would not allow Halloween to be practiced in the 1770’s because it was totally wicked and pagan and placed such an emphasis on death and darkness.

– In the 1840’s Irish immigrants brought the practice to the United States and, to a growing degree, it has been practiced ever since that time.  (& in many other countries also)

-10/31 is the BIG NITE for witches, occultic activity, & worship of Satan worldwide.  (Black cats, other animals and human beings are annually sacrificed on this night).

– In excess of $2 billion is spent annually on Halloween candy, costumes, cards, etc.

– One survey (of parents) found 83% help their children to participate in Halloween.

– ‘ Just Halloween’ retail stores & internet websites are becoming increasingly popular.

2.  SCRIPTURAL LIGHT on Halloween Darkness – Study these Bible passages yourself)

A. **Deut. 18:9 -14 with Ex. 22:18 & Lev. 20:6,27

B. **Eph. 5:8-12 (** = key passages)

C. Jer. 10:2a,3a with Lev. 10:10 & II Cor. 6:17

D. Misc. Ps 99:5,9; II Cor. 5:6,8; Lk. 16:19ff;  Job 7:9,10; I Thess. 5:22


A?  Do YOU see anything wrong with the ‘Halloween’ picture?  (if yes, what is wrong?)

Thot quote – Involvement in it by children “makes them less sensitive to the dangers…Witches lose their wicked appearance, communicating with the dead seems less horrifying, and demons seem less threatening.

…It forms a link with occult activities and personages.”  David Ingraham/

B?  What will be your response to this?  (Your participation?) ________________________________________

C#  Pray, Pray, Pray regarding Halloween season & Armor-Up for it – II Cor. 10:4, Eph. 6:10f

D#  Tell others about this – Eph. 5:11 (reprove = expose)///  Use Halloween ‘truth’ tracts!!

E#  Parents:  Teach your children & teens about this – Deut. 6:6,7 with Eph. 6:4

F#  Create an alternative activity (a Light one) instead of the dark ones associated with 10/31

G#  Remember – “Our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion. (on Halloween) goes about seeking whom he may devour (destroy).”  I Pet. 5:8   (WATCH OUT)

DRA – (John 3:16)


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