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Sightings of the Lord Jesus

Many people today are really big into the “sightings”.  They go to great lengths and sometimes much expense to see (sight) Bigfoot, or a U.F.O., or a tornado, or a celebrity actor, athlete, politician, recording artist, or a rare bird.  Do you know anyone into this kind of “Sighting” mode?  Maybe you are yourself a […]

I Can Walk – Thank You Lord

What has been your most memorable experience in the past month?  Can you think of one?  I have had a  “wake-up call” experience to share with you! Recently, my wife, son and I went to a nursing home to visit a relative.  While visiting there, I met two people you should learn about.  First, I […]

HALLOWEEN: What Satan & Witches will not tell you!!!!

1.  HISTORICAL LIGHT on its Origin & Popularity – from the Celts (of Great Britain, Ireland, n. France) about O A. D. (An ethnic group)  They observed a new year’s eve festival of Samhain (maybe Satan himself), the lord of the dead – 10/31 was their new year’s eve;  this festival celebrated the start-up of […]

Today With Him (The Lord Jesus Christ)

*Pre-requisite to this ‘Today’ *Hearing the Gospel — 1 Corinthians 15:3,4 * Believing faith in Christ as Savior Ponder Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 13 Have you trusted Him as Your Savior? Note 8 Activities which could be (should be) in your day: 1.  Wake with Him — Psalm 139:18, 3:5, 5:3 2.  Worship Him […]


Here are 2 questions for your consideration today.  Q-1:  Could it be possible there is only one reace of mankind on earth?  and Q-2:  Could it be possible that all men (women too) are exactly the same skin color? Q-1:  Is there one race of men or are there several races?  The answer to this […]


Have you ever done anything really stupid – as a kid, as a teen-ager or as an adult?  (Don’t tell anyone that I told you this!)  As my sister and I were growing up on the farm, we had a pony named Butch.  We rode him a lot, especially during the summer months.  One summer […]


Recently a high school student shared with me a ‘fun fact’ from Snapple (the soft drink company).  She said, “Did you know that a cat has 32 muscles in its ear?”  I said, “No I didn’t know that, that’s amazing.”  (I thought afterward that I had never counted 32 muscles in my cats ear.  And, […]