Monthly Archives: July 2013

Life’s Most Important Questions?

If someone asked you – “What do you think life’s most important question is?”, what would you say? Think about this. Your answer – _________________________. May I suggest a very important question (possibly life’s most important question) for you to consider? Here it is = “IF YOU WERE TO DIE THIS VERY DAY, WOULD YOU […]

Overwhelmed? What Can You Do?

Have you ever been OVERWHELMED (OW) by the pressures of life (family, job, people, health, $$, death, world news); to the point you just didn’t know what to do, or where to start dealing with things, you were simply exhausted? Probably everyone has been or now is in this state of mind! What avenues of […]

Why Johnny and Not Me?

Please permit this article to contain some personal reflections with “for-us-all” life applications. One recent Sunday afternoon, my wife and I walked through the cemetery, in which many of my relatives are buried. We were looking for three particular stones. We found them. But another stone captured my attention and stopped me in my tracks. […]